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How Do I Love My Job, Let Me Count The Ways

I love my job as co-owner (and staff member) of our business Duck & Turtle Pet and Home Care, and I felt the strong need to write this now to say just that!

Thank you, clients! For it’s because of you we get to love what we do!

i love my jobi love my job

So again I say I LOVE MY JOB!

With this gem of a small business Daniel and I have started, many of my days look like this:

I’ll rise early — usually before dawn — either in a client’s home providing overnight care to their pets or in my own home and get ready to drive over to a client’s home. If I’ve stayed the night in a client’s home, I’ll wake up and greet all animals or start walking around, making the bed, turning on lights, and talking to gently wake them for breakfast. If I drive over, I’ll enter the house and immediately greet all bodies. Almost 100% of the time the animals are thrilled to see me and greet me with such excitement and enthusiasm — vocalizing, doing circles for me, nudging up against me, giving me a paw to shake, and even big smiles! Did I mention I love my job?

Then, I’ll get right to feeding the pets and give them fresh water while they have their breakfast. I’ll clean litter boxes if there are any and then get dogs geared up to go for a walk. I love my job because it’s these little activities that keep the animals from feeling abandoned or overly anxious, and they begin to form a bond with you. 🙂

i love my job

I love my job

because it keeps me up and moving! If you have dogs or have cared for dogs, you know that they need plenty of stimulation, human contact, and exercise. I am thoroughly enjoying playing with the pooches in our care and taking them out for their walks. These things are great fun on their own and have the added benefit of keeping me active and on my feet! I love my job because I get to enjoy Albuquerque’s beautiful days outside!

i love my job

I love my job because I’ve always been a city boy, and this business definitely has us out and about in our city. Not only are we driving around Albuquerque a great deal serving clients in many different areas, but we also go on many dog walks, which allow us to explore different areas of our city. I love my job because it allows me to get out and see, discover, and enjoy the little corners of my city that I would never get to experience merely driving around. I love my job because it allows me to take in Albuquerque’s mood, culture, and beauty in this very up-close-and-personal way.

Since starting our business, we have received congratulations and encouragement from some of the most unexpected places. Clients express to us genuine wishes for success and growth in our business. Clients’ neighbors tell us how great they think our services are and gladly mention possible dates during which they might use our services. Fellow small business owners happily promote our name to the community and helpfully link us up with resources and information for new business owners. Having people root for you who haven’t known you very long and have no prior investment in you is a great feeling and another major reason why

I love my job.

As I leave a client’s home on the last visit, I can see the value I’ve provided in the animals’ relaxed, content, and easy demeanor. In their eyes I can see the friendship we’ve formed.

i love my job

On our clients’ faces and in their displays of gratitude I see that the service and care we’ve provided to their home and pets is paramount to them and has allowed them to have peace of mind. At the end of the day, that is our goal here at Duck & Turtle!

Please say ‘Hi’ and leave your thoughts in the comments section, and remember you can reach us by email ( or by phone (505•410•7954) for more information.

Thank you for reading about why I love my job! 😀

~ Duck & Turtle


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