Happy International Balloon Fiesta 2017!

Dear World,

Welcome to Albuquerque!! Enjoy International Balloon Fiesta 2017 and the Land of Enchantment! 🌄🌞🌈🎈

Dear fellow Burqueños,

Happy Balloon Fiesta!! Enjoy the wonder in the sky, and try not to get a cramp in your neck! 😅😅

With both Autumn and Balloons in the air, we simply love this time of year, and we hope you do too! Whether this is your first time attending the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta or you are a yearly regular… may you make some incredible memories and have some great experiences while here. Enjoy our city and state, and come back soon!

Peace and Love ✌💖🌏,

Duck & Turtle 🐥🐢


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