Keeping Your Pet Happy-Go-Lucky for Halloween

Halloween is the best occasion for masquerade, fantasy, and playful whimsy! It is a time when both kids and adults like to get creative by dressing up. So then, it is no wonder that many of us like to get our pets in on the costume fun too! (Guilty as charged… see our Ruca and Kourry below 🙂 )

Whether you’re dressing up your fur kiddo as a delicious food, a shark, or a UPS man (some of our personal favorites 😀 ), it’s important to remember that your pet’s safety and comfort come first.

Here are a few helpful tips courtesy of to keep your best friend happy in his/her costume this Halloween:

  1. Keep your pet’s identification tags visible despite their adorable costume. This is especially important if you’ll be taking them for an evening walk on Halloween. Halloween means trick-or-treating means more foot traffic and activity than usual in your neighborhood; this could spook them, and they might dart. Keeping your pet’s ID tags visible is also important if you’ll be opening and closing your front door more than usual for trick-or-treaters; your pet could see this as an escape opportunity!
  2. If your cat or dog (or ferret) is not comfortable being dressed up, don’t force it. Some pets are more amenable with clothing than others. If dressing up is something that is new to your pet, start early, go slowly, and practice putting the costume on/off them several times in the weeks before Halloween to get them used to the idea.
  3. Be careful of costumes that confine or constrain your pet, especially around the arms and legs.
  4. Make sure there are no small parts of the costume that your fur baby could chew on or ingest.
  5. Ensure any capes or dangling props won’t cause your pet to trip or lose his/her footing
  6. Once your furry bestie is dressed, check around their ears, eyes, nose and throat to make sure they can properly breathe, hear and see.

Follow these tips, and you and your pet are both sure to have a blast this Halloween! Last but not least, follow us on Instagram at , where you can Direct Message us photos of your pets in costume (or in general) and have them featured on our feed! Happy Haunting to you and your critters, and may the Great Pumpkin bring you all many delightful treats with the wonder of Autumn. 🎃🍂🍁

~ Duck & Turtle


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