professional pet sitters albuquerque

Duck & Turtle’s Rates


Day Visits (morning/evening)

$25 per visit (+ tax)

(includes feeding/water, medicating, poo pick-up/litter box scooping, walk, play/social time)


Holiday Rates

$30 per visit (+ tax)

(Holiday Rates will apply on the following holidays, as well as three days before and three days after each holiday: New Year’s,  Memorial Day,  Independence Day,  Labor Day,  Thanksgiving,  and  Christmas.)


Households requiring care for more than  Pets

$30 per visit +tax (Regular rate)

$35 per visit +tax (Holiday rate)


Plant watering (not to exceed 20 minutes in duration)

$5 per watering +tax (<5 min.)

$15 per watering +tax (5 – 20 min.)


Initial Meet-and-Greets with no pet-sitting dates reserved

Any additional visit to the home outside of pet-sitting

$20 per visit (+ tax)

(Initial meet-and-greets and key pick-up/drop-off/retention are complimentary for clients who have reserved pet-sitting dates with us.)


For more information or to reserve dates, please give us a call at (505) 410-7954 or email us at

Thank you! 🙂

Our Goal Is Your COMPLETE Peace of Mind.

professional pet sitters albuquerque