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Summer Safety Tips: Gettin’ You And Your Pet Prepped For The “Dog Days” Of Summer

Hello Friends, the Duck & Turtle guys here with some useful summer safety tips to help you beat the heat by keeping your pet cool & comfortable, happy & healthy.


We hope you’re having a GRAND summer so far! We’re only 10 days into it. But if you live in Nuevo Mexico, then, like me, you’ve probably been calling it summer for about a month just because in terms of the weather, it definitely feels that way!


summer safety tips



So, summer is here…. and what does that mean?? (For one, it means sharing some summer safety tips is in order 🙂 )


It means cooking outside, going swimming, running through sprinklers, the 4th of July! It also means staying hydrated and cooling out under an a/c as much as possible…. am I right? 🙂


summer safety tips

Dramatization….DO NOT try this at home!! 🙂


Most importantly, though, summer means keeping your pets safe from dehydration, overheating, sunburn, and parasites.


We humans are pretty good at fending for ourselves when it comes to keeping cool in summertime, but our pets…. not so much.


So here are our summer safety tips to help you help them prepare for the “dog days” of summer:


• Implement an effective flea and tick control program (best done in the spring!)


• Always have fresh, cool water in multiple spots around your house and plenty of it so that ALL your pets have enough to stay hydrated. Adding a few ice cubes to your pet’s water dish is a refreshing treat!


• On the go with your pet? Keep a water bottle that’s just for them, filled with fresh, cool water.


NEVER leave your pet in a vehicle! The temperature inside a parked vehicle can surpass 100 degrees in a matter of minutes!


• If you keep your pet outdoors, purchase a cheap “kiddy” pool and keep it filled with cool water in the shade for your pet to cool off.


summer safety tips


• Walk dogs in grassy areas; paws can quickly burn on hot asphalt. You may consider paw protectors such as shoes or booties. Press the back of your hand firmly against the pavement for 7 seconds to verify if it will be comfortable for your dog, and use the following table as a guide:*

When Air Temperature is:    Asphalt has been measured at:**

77°F…………………………………………………………….125°F (at this temp, skin destruction can occur in 60 seconds)



**These temperature correlations represent worst-case-scenario factors: direct sun, no wind, very low humidity, and high radiant energy.

*Source: Berens J. Thermal contact burns from streets and highways. Journal of the American Medical Association; 214 (11): 2025-2027



• Summer safety tips can easily be forgotten when you’re distracted or outdoors having fun. Leave your pet at home with a professional pet sitter if you are going out to do activities that will have you in full sun. During extremely hot weather, your pet would prefer shade to sunshine.


summer safety tips

Hey! It’s me, Jarrett, with one of my great pals! 🙂


• If you do go out with your pet, remember these summer safety tips AND be keenly aware of excessive panting, reddened gums, dehydration, confusion, lack of muscle coordination as these are signs of heatstroke. To treat them, get them to a shady, cool place, cool them with wet towels, and call your veterinarian.


• Avoid “travel trauma” by leaving your animal in the care of a professional pet sitter while on vacation. Your pet remains in its own familiar, secure home environment and receives the love and personal attention it needs while you’re away. ♥


summer safety tips

Me again! With another great buddy of mine! 🙂


• If you do decide to take your pet along with you on vacation, remember these summer safety tips: plan your route ahead of time, locate animal-friendly lodging, and include plenty of travel time for potty breaks and exercise breaks for your pet.


And last, but not least….(No round-up of summer safety tips for your pet would be complete without it!)


Remember to avoid the heartache of heartworm by having an early detection test done and using preventative medication.


summer safety tips



Thanks for tuning in, folks!…


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Your friends,


~ Duck & Turtle


summer safety tips




summer safety tips                    summer safety tips


Wishing you all a fun and safe summer with the help of these important summer safety tips!! 😀







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It’s Time To Thank Your Pets… Happy National Pet Week 2014!

Pets and pet lovers all across the country, REJOICE! Why? Because yesterday marked the start of National Pet Week® 2014!!

national pet week

This specially designated week was created in 1981 by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and its Auxiliary and is celebrated each year during the first full week of May. It serves to honor the many important roles pets play in our lives and to promote responsible pet ownership. For more than 30 years National Pet Week® has continued to bring together pet owners, pet lovers, and pet care professionals in a long-running tradition uplifting and appreciating the animals in our lives. This year we celebrate National Pet Week® May 4th-10th, and Duck & Turtle couldn’t be more excited! 😀

We’re excited because, for one, it gives us an excuse to celebrate and spoil our own furry brood! Maybe we’ll take them to a new wilderness trail for some extended running about. Or maybe we’ll add carrots and chicken to their dinner a couple times this week. Or perhaps we’ll buy them new toys and a new bed. If they’re really well-behaved, then they might just get all of the above! (Ssshh…Don’t tell them though) 😉

In addition to celebrating our own “babies,” National Pet Week® is also a time for us to appreciate and recognize the pets and pet owners for whom we sit. The bonds we build with the pets in our care and the rapport we establish with their owners enrich our lives in ways we never imagined when starting this business! These wonderful relationships we’ve begun to foster with both pet and owner have come as such a welcome and added bonus to our pet-sitting and business-operating duties. They truly make the work we do feel like anything but work, and we honor and thank them because they are the reason we get to do what we truly love to do!


national pet week


There’s absolutely no denying that pets play many important roles in the daily lives of us humans. For the visually- and hearing-impaired, they serve a very vital role as eyes and ears. For people going through hospitalization, incarceration, or rehabilitation, they serve to bring hope, joy, and optimism. For those who live alone, they serve as a loyal companion and often a means of security. For children, pets often become their very first lifelong friends. For the homeless, they provide solace, protection, and the healing power of the human/animal bond. They are public servants doing invaluable work with police departments and other agencies. They are educators teaching future generations about how to respect and care for nature’s creatures. They are entertainers amusing and impressing throngs of people the world over! They are our motivators (read: alarm clocks), our cheerleaders, our confidants, our therapists, our cuddle buddies, our trusted friends, and for most of us pet lovers, they are our children — just as much a part of our families as our human family members!

The list of how pets add to the quality of humans’ lives could go on and on, but you get my point. So, as always, shower your pets with love and attention, show them the appreciation they deserve, and take good care of their needs.

…And in celebration of National Pet Week®, do something extra special for them! 🙂


Here are just a few ideas:


• Take them on an outing to a place they can run about safely off-leash

• Look up a special treat or recipe for pets and make it for them

• Schedule a play date or throw a pet party with a friend’s/relative’s pets

• Build some extra time into your schedule to play with them a little longer

• Give them a long massage

• Treat them to a pet spa day

• Revamp their living space with new bedding, new supplies, and new accessories

• Promise to take at least one of them to the launch event for ABQ LIFT — a year-round, non-profit project to save the lives of at-risk animals while growing the local Albuquerque economy. It takes place Saturday, May 24th from 9am to 4pm at the Albuquerque Convention Center (indoors!). Over 100 product vendors, pet adoption agencies, and educational organizations will be featured. It’s FREE, it’s FUN, and pets can come!    —> (please see UPDATE HERE)

Book Duck & Turtle pet sitters for the next time you’re away from home so that your pets can remain calm and comfy in their own environment. 🙂 For them, there is no place like home.  Give us a call at (505) 410-7954 or email us at to obtain more info or to schedule a meet-n-greet!


national pet week


Thanks for reading, everyone. Happy National Pet Week!!


~ Duck & Turtle 🙂

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Baby’s Second Chance: A Rescue Story

Imagine if each and every animal out there in need of rescue, in need of a loving home could be so blessed as to have a caring human come to its aid.


Sadly, we know this is not the case.


There are countless animals who are callously abandoned and left to die with little to no chance of actually surviving or finding proper care on their own.


Baby the Doberman is one such animal.


This touching rescue story comes from Stephanie Legelis of Pennsylvania.


She writes:


I rescued my first animal when I was three. I begged and pleaded with my mom until she agreed. Thank God she said ‘yes’ as Franky would not have had a chance without us and I knew it from that early age. Since then rescue has been in my blood. I have saved hundreds of animals from death, but not without help. This is one such story.

My husband and I were driving between the two tunnels on our way home in Montenegro, when my husband said, “Wow, I think I just saw the ears of a Great Dane.” Now usually there was a woman herding her goats in that area, but we both had to turn around and go back.

We pulled up and admired the sea view in an isolated spot that the locals told us was the dumping ground for dogs. The theory was the location was ideal for a “quick death” as there was no food nor water, and if the animal tried to leave, most likely a car would hit them. This was the case as I had already rescued two dogs hit by cars there the spring before. Upon getting out, we quickly noticed black ears up in the air. My heart sunk as I knew what I would see. He could still stand but he was thin and his skin was appalling. His feet had swelled to three times their normal size due to Demodex Mange and he was terrified.

He Ate It All…

I had water and food on me as I always carry emergency supplies. I mixed the dry food with a liter of water and he ate it all so quickly that I worried about bloating. I knew he was severely dehydrated and assumed he had leishmaniasis (a disease transmitted by sub species of sand fly). We drove home and loaded up on more water, vitamins and food. Then, we went back to Baby to stay with him a while and work on hydrating him and boosting his trust in us.


We continued going twice a day until I realized he would have to be drugged as he just was too afraid. My friend helped me do this and we brought Baby to the vet. I thought he was an old dog because he looked it, but the vet took one look at his teeth and declared that he was no more than one year! Hence the name “Baby.”

The vet ran many tests on him because we assumed the worst but everything came up negative to our delight. What is appalling is that he was micro-chipped and his ears had been clipped. The vet suggested he was disposed of because of his sensitive and sweet nature.

She treated him with antibiotics and vitamins and that was the beginning. We brought him to my friend’s enclosed garden and he was thrilled. There he had a bed and food and water and began to recuperate. Days and weeks went by, turning into months before the Germany rescue team Tierhilfe Montenegro arrived.

By the time they arrived, Baby was socialized and a love bug, a complete reversal from the frightened dog of before. He loved cats and other dogs and was just a beam of joy. He is in Germany now with a loving family who continue his treatments. It has only been a couple of months and I never stop looking between those tunnels knowing it will only be a matter of time before the next dog appears.

(via Care2)


The saddest part, I think, was finding out that Baby had most likely been abandoned simply “because of his sensitive and sweet nature,” though there IS NEVER a reason (good or bad) to dump or abandon an animal! If one can no longer care for an animal in their custody, then he or she should always properly surrender it to a trustworthy good home, an animal shelter, humane society, or rescue group.


I thought it very noble of this couple that instead of simply whisking Baby away at first encounter, they waited and made it a point to go back to him twice a day to care for him and to allow him to build up trust in them. Not only did I think it was noble, but I also learned something about how to handle that situation if ever I find myself in a similar predicament.


Thanks to Stephanie for sharing this story. And thank you all for taking a read!


To get more information or to schedule a meet-n-greet, please give us a call at (505) 410-7954 or drop us an email at


To your and your pets’ happiness and health,

Duck & Turtle

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Celebrating And Appreciating Our Clients: Georgia’s Birthday Party

This month in honor of the 20th annual Professional Pet Sitters Week, we invested in our pet sitting education and business development by joining elite professional group Pet Sitters International. For the occasion, we also wanted to do something in honor of our clients…for without our awesome clients, we could not be Professional Pet Sitters and do the work we LOVE!


Little did we know this occasion would coincide with the 11th birthday of one of our best four-legged clients, Georgia. So this time last week, to celebrate and appreciate Georgia and her owners for being great and loyal clients of ours, we arranged a playdate/birthday party for Georgia in our backyard! She invited her sister Madison, her Mommies of course, Daniel, me, and her new friends Kourry, Ruca, Sango, and Matilda Squeeks, all of whom she just met that day at her party! Hahaha 😀


Here’s the wonderfully chaotic, happy hubbub of the doggies first meeting each other.  🙂



professional pet sitters albuquerque


They were very friendly with each other and all seemed happy to make each others’ acquaintance.


It was a gorgeous day for celebrating new friends, running amuck in the backyard, and enjoying the fresh air! The skies were clear as far as the eyes could see, and the sunshine soaked our skin like butter melting into bread!

professional pet sitters albuquerque


The dogs would take breaks between playing and wrestling with each other to come jump in our laps, give kisses, and wag (read: brag) about how much fun they were having with their new friends.



professional pet sitters albuquerque


As we humans enjoyed sitting in the sun on the patio, the pooches enjoyed lying with the cool grass under their bellies, either with the sun warming their backs or in the shade.


We had a really good time chatting it up, mostly about the dogs — their health, their behaviors, their individual personalities, how they like to play, how they get along, etc. — and we were thoroughly entertained watching the animals play and interact.


Madison was not nearly as interested in the other dogs as she was in our cat Matilda Squeeks, who attended the backyard birthday party from up in her tree. The two had a serious staring contest for quite a while!



professional pet sitters albuquerque


Although we had no doggy piñata, we definitely had doggy cake. Literally. Had it. Some of us tasted it to see if it was truly doggy cake. And doggy cake it definitely was. Personally, I was hoping it was good for dogs and their owners so that we could have some. But no. Trust me. It’s for dogs.


professional pet sitters albuquerque


professional pet sitters albuquerque


professional pet sitters albuquerque


It was some type of peanut butter cake, and the pooches LOVED it!!! They inhaled it in a matter of seconds! And they were all very well behaved while having their cake, I might add. Good job, doggies! And kudos to Three Dog Bakery here in Albuquerque for crafting an apparently delicious doggy birthday cake!

professional pet sitters albuquerque


Our birthday gift to birthday girl Georgia was a plush toy in the shape of a blue Peeps™ bunny and some yummy banana/yogurt dog biscuits. Happy 11th, Georgia! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you, and thank you to you and your brothers/sisters for allowing us to be your caregivers when your mommies are away! 🙂

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To our clients and non-clients, our friends, family, and online community, THANK YOU all for keeping up with us (psst…subscribe to our blog over to the right →) and thank you for helping us celebrate, foremost, our clients, as well as the 20th annual Professional Pet Sitters Week!


For more information and to set up a meet-n-greet, give us a call at (505) 410-7954 or drop us an email at


Have a WINNING week!


~ Duck & Turtle


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The Heartbreak Of Heartworm

Spring is officially upon us (hooray!), and with spring comes heartworm season. The weather is warming up, mosquitoes are multiplying, and the chances of your canine or feline (ferrets, too) contracting the disease become greater. So, it is time to be aware and to take the appropriate preventative steps to keep your beloved pet healthy and heartworm-free!


heartbreak of heartworm


Heartworm is a serious and deadly disease that is carried by mosquitoes. It is brought on by parasitic worms living in the arteries of the lungs and sometimes in the right side of the heart of dogs, cats, wolves, foxes, ferrets, and in rare cases, humans. Heartworms are one of many species of roundworms, and dogs and cats of any age or breed are susceptible to being infected by them.


heartbreak of heartworm


This is an issue that hits very close to home for us, as one of our dogs — Sango — came to us heartworm positive. Knowing the condition could be potentially fatal, we were very worried for Sango and his health. But we remained vigilant with him, took the proper steps to care for him, and through veterinary-prescribed treatment he eventually tested negative for heartworm! Yay Sango!! 🙂


Animals carrying adult worms are recognized as the reservoir of heartworm infection since the disease is spread by mosquitoes that become infected with microfilariae while taking a blood meal from an infected animal. The microfilariae then mature into the infective larval stage within the mosquito, and when the mosquito bites another susceptible animal, the larvae are deposited on the skin and actively migrate into their new host.


heartbreak of heartworm


Many pet owners make the mistake of thinking they can ignore the threat of heartworm because their geographical region does not see large populations of mosquitoes. But heartworm has been reported in all 50 states! Here is a helpful map, courtesy of the American Heartworm Society, that shows particularly endemic areas for heartworm infection based on the number of cases reported by clinics.


heartbreak of heartworm


Dogs can suffer severe heart and lung damage from heartworm disease. Cats typically have fewer worms that survive to adulthood. Therefore, cats exhibit minimal changes in the heart. A cat’s primary response to heartworm disease occurs in the lungs.


Be aware that in both dogs and cats, clinical signs of heartworm infection may not be recognized in the early stages. Recently infected dogs often exhibit no sign of the disease. Heavily infected dogs may eventually shows signs such as a mild, persistent cough, a reluctance to move or exercise, fatigue after moderate exercise, diminished appetite, and weight loss. Cats may show signs that are very non-specific or that mimic other feline diseases. Chronic clinical signs include vomiting, gagging, difficulty or rapid breathing, lethargy, and weight loss.


To detect heartworm infection in an apparently healthy animal, you will need to have your veterinarian perform a blood test. Be advised, however, that the test is not consistently positive until approximately seven months after infection has occurred.


Again with spring here, NOW is the time to talk to your veterinarian about how to best prevent your pets from contracting the disease. This is especially imperative for cats, as no effective treatment exists for heartworm disease in cats.


heartbreak of heartworm


Heartworm prevention is safe, easy, and inexpensive. Most heartworm prevention medications are administered by an easy once-per-month chewable tablet that is yummy for dogs and cats just like a treat! These medications interrupt heartworm development before adult worms reach the lungs and cause disease. They usually cost about $5 – $10 per month, depending on the size/weight of the animal. This method is extremely effective, and when administered properly and on a timely schedule, heartworm disease can be completely prevented! Just remember: It is your responsibility to faithfully maintain the prevention program you have selected in consultation with your veterinarian.


Thank you all for reading this very important post! And for much more in-depth information regarding heartworm disease and prevention please visit the American Heartworm Society at



And remember you can always reach us by phone at (505) 410-7954 or email at for ALL your pet sitting and house sitting needs!


~Duck & Turtle


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How Do I Love My Job, Let Me Count The Ways

I love my job as co-owner (and staff member) of our business Duck & Turtle Pet and Home Care, and I felt the strong need to write this now to say just that!

Thank you, clients! For it’s because of you we get to love what we do!

i love my jobi love my job

So again I say I LOVE MY JOB!

With this gem of a small business Daniel and I have started, many of my days look like this:

I’ll rise early — usually before dawn — either in a client’s home providing overnight care to their pets or in my own home and get ready to drive over to a client’s home. If I’ve stayed the night in a client’s home, I’ll wake up and greet all animals or start walking around, making the bed, turning on lights, and talking to gently wake them for breakfast. If I drive over, I’ll enter the house and immediately greet all bodies. Almost 100% of the time the animals are thrilled to see me and greet me with such excitement and enthusiasm — vocalizing, doing circles for me, nudging up against me, giving me a paw to shake, and even big smiles! Did I mention I love my job?

Then, I’ll get right to feeding the pets and give them fresh water while they have their breakfast. I’ll clean litter boxes if there are any and then get dogs geared up to go for a walk. I love my job because it’s these little activities that keep the animals from feeling abandoned or overly anxious, and they begin to form a bond with you. 🙂

i love my job

I love my job

because it keeps me up and moving! If you have dogs or have cared for dogs, you know that they need plenty of stimulation, human contact, and exercise. I am thoroughly enjoying playing with the pooches in our care and taking them out for their walks. These things are great fun on their own and have the added benefit of keeping me active and on my feet! I love my job because I get to enjoy Albuquerque’s beautiful days outside!

i love my job

I love my job because I’ve always been a city boy, and this business definitely has us out and about in our city. Not only are we driving around Albuquerque a great deal serving clients in many different areas, but we also go on many dog walks, which allow us to explore different areas of our city. I love my job because it allows me to get out and see, discover, and enjoy the little corners of my city that I would never get to experience merely driving around. I love my job because it allows me to take in Albuquerque’s mood, culture, and beauty in this very up-close-and-personal way.

Since starting our business, we have received congratulations and encouragement from some of the most unexpected places. Clients express to us genuine wishes for success and growth in our business. Clients’ neighbors tell us how great they think our services are and gladly mention possible dates during which they might use our services. Fellow small business owners happily promote our name to the community and helpfully link us up with resources and information for new business owners. Having people root for you who haven’t known you very long and have no prior investment in you is a great feeling and another major reason why

I love my job.

As I leave a client’s home on the last visit, I can see the value I’ve provided in the animals’ relaxed, content, and easy demeanor. In their eyes I can see the friendship we’ve formed.

i love my job

On our clients’ faces and in their displays of gratitude I see that the service and care we’ve provided to their home and pets is paramount to them and has allowed them to have peace of mind. At the end of the day, that is our goal here at Duck & Turtle!

Please say ‘Hi’ and leave your thoughts in the comments section, and remember you can reach us by email ( or by phone (505•410•7954) for more information.

Thank you for reading about why I love my job! 😀

~ Duck & Turtle

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Happy Professional Pet Sitters Week! ‘Duck & Turtle’ Joins Pet Sitters International

Each year Professional Pet Sitters Week is celebrated the first full week in March. The occasion serves to highlight the importance and benefits of in-home pet care as well as appreciate those professionals who take care of our feathered, furry, and scaled friends while their owners are away. This year Professional Pet Sitters Week will be celebrated March 2-8, 2014, and we here at Duck & Turtle Pet and Home Care have just joined the ranks of Pet Sitters International (PSI) to mark the occasion!

Pet Sitters International is an elite group of pet-care professionals dedicated to excellence in pet sitting. As part of our PSI membership, we agree to abide by PSI’s Recommended Quality Standards for Excellence in Pet Sitting and PSI’s Member Code of Conduct and Ethics. This is in addition to the oath co-owner Daniel Keularts takes every year as a Registered Veterinary Technician in the state of New Mexico.  Also through their PSI membership, co-owner Jarrett Nicholson has begun in-depth educational coursework tailored exclusively for pet sitters with the goal of soon earning his Professional Pet Sitter Certification.

professional pet sitters week

The American Pet Products Association estimates that 2012 spending on U.S. pets will reach $52.87 billion, an estimated $4.11 billion of which will have gone toward pet services such as pet sitting and dog walking. With figures like these, we know that folks expect top-notch professionalism and care for their pets while they are away. This is precisely why Duck & Turtle Pet and Home Care has stepped up our business and professional development by joining Pet Sitters International.

And it’s not just about the dogs and the cats anymore! A 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey revealed that there are 16.2 million birds, 16 million small exotics, 13 million reptiles, and 151 million freshwater fish owned in the U.S.  With Keularts’s background in Veterinary Technology and the well-rounded pet care curriculum Nicholson is undergoing, both are thrilled to step up and be of service in these niches.

At Duck & Turtle we believe that pet sitting is the best choice for at-home pet care as it allows your pets to stay in their own familiar environment and stick close to their daily routine, which minimizes stress and anxiety.  Says Keularts, “A true professional pet sitter will not only be punctual, friendly, and attentive toward the animals’ needs but will also be vigilant and  observant — making sure instructions are carried out exactly as the owner has directed, making sure the home and property remain in good repair, and making sure the social and health needs of each animal are fully met. You can read more about the full duties of a professional pet sitter on our blog!”

As we celebrate Professional Pet Sitters Week, you may want to think of any trips or vacations you have coming up — spring break, graduations, weddings, family reunions, business trips — and contact Duck & Turtle Pet and Home Care early on to ensure  your home and pets are left in the best possible care! You may reach us by phone at (505) 410-7954 or email us at!

Thank you for reading, and HAPPY PROFESSIONAL PET SITTERS WEEK!!! 😀

~Duck & Turtle