Tips for Keeping Your Dog Warm and Well When It’s Cold

I think most of our fellow Burqueños would agree we haven’t had much of a winter this year in the Duke City. Nonetheless, Jack Frost could still visit us, as I do recall us getting several inches of snow on a March 1st a couple years ago — it is New Mexico, after all. 😀

That said, we are grateful to the good folks over at Land Rover Albuquerque for putting together and sharing with us the following infographic titled “Safety Tips For Keeping Your Dog Warm When It’s Cold.” We here in Albuquerque still have plenty of cold (possibly frosty) mornings to wake up to and a handful of cold nights ahead. And for our friends and followers outside New Mexico, this could come in handy for weather you’re currently dealing with or maybe about to experience…

…so save the graphic to your phone, print it out, post it on your refrigerator, and use it as a handy reference year after year to keep your fur babies well and warm in frigid temps.

Oh! And share it! Share it far and wide with your family and friends, on your social media, and in your community groups so that other dog parents know more about how to keep their beloved pooches warm and well. ♥

For your information:



Great thanks again to Land Rover Albuquerque! Visit their website here or visit them at 5010 Alameda Blvd NE here in Albuquerque!


P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥



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House Sitting And Pet Sitting: The Not-So-Obvious

House sitting and pet sitting consist of much more than simply showing up and throwing down food. To do a professional house sitting or pet sitting job, one must be able to carry out instructions exactly; one must be punctual, friendly and attentive toward animals, and consistently observant and vigilant. (Having an education in Veterinary Technology and experience owning a home doesn’t hurt either 😉 ).

 house sitting pet sitting

Vigilance is always important and is especially crucial when it comes to house sitting and pet sitting for pets who take medications, dietary supplements, and/or fluids. When caring for a household with multiple pets and involving multiple medications and supplements, attention to detail is a MUST. A trustworthy and professional pet sitter will take due diligence to make sure all pills and vitamins are kept separated and portioned out correctly (as the owner has left them or exactly as the owner has instructed). He/she will administer the appropriate pills/vitamins to the appropriate animal in the appropriate dosage at the appropriate time of day without fail. If there is any confusion whatsoever, the professional pet sitter will contact the owner (or other appropriate contact as specified by the owner) to get clarification.


This is the kind of care you can depend on from Duck & Turtle Pet and Home Care!

house sitting pet sitting


…And because we have an in-house Registered Veterinary Technician, administering meds, supplements, and fluids to pets that need them is no problem!


House sitting and pet sitting means being observant — from the street curb, to the stoop, to the inside of the home, to the back yard. Doing a quality house sitting or pet sitting job means looking out for damage and mishap in and around the home. Of course, we always hope for the best, but should something adverse arise, your professional house sitter can help catch it before it becomes even more costly. For pets’ sake (pun intended 😉 ), pet sitting/house sitting also means looking out for blood, vomit, diarrhea, and other signs that the pets may be in distress.


Here at Duck & Turtle we believe that this awareness is a major part of what our clients pay for! We want to be those eyes and ears watching over your home and your pets when you cannot be! 🙂


House sitting and pet sitting consists of spending social time with the animals, giving them mental stimulation, helping them feel secure and safe, and being aware of their behaviors. Playing with them gives them the social contact they need as well as exercise. It also gives them stimulation, which eases their anxiety. The best is petting them, preferably while letting them lie on you or near you. This helps them feel safe, helps them bond with you, and helps them feel that their lives have not changed too much.


house sitting pet sitting

Of course, being a professional means making sure each animal in your care is eating their fair share throughout the day. The same is just as important for drinking, so that the animals stay hydrated. Once we were caring for three cats who shared a water fountain and seemed to be fine with drinking from it, as we would have to refill it regularly. One day, however, I turned on the kitchen faucet to wash a fork and one of the cats rushed over and began to drink from it fervently. From the look of it, he may not have drunk from the cat water fountain all night! So I let the cool water run slightly until he was quenched, and I remembered to do this for him each time I visited, just in case he was refusing to drink from the shared cat fountain.


It’s these little, not-so-obvious things that a top-notch pet sitter will pick up on!


House sitting and pet sitting also consists of maintaining a level of activity at and in the home — alternating outdoor lights, alternating indoor lights, alternating blinds/curtains, vehicle activity in the driveway, having main door ajar with screen door shut to circulate air, etc. A quality and professional house sitting/pet sitting job also means ensuring mail and packages are safe by bringing them inside in a timely manner. It means maintaining cleanliness — sweeping and tidying up after oneself, taking out any trash generated, wiping down surfaces used, etc.


At Duck & Turtle Pet and Home Care, we believe in leaving your home not just as we found it, but BETTER than we found it!


We LOVE providing above-and-beyond service to people and their pets!


It is why we got in this business…


To help people…


To help you


To help you seamlessly maintain care of your most precious and irreplaceable things — your home and your pets…


To help you have “one-ness” of mind and not worry a bit about home while you are away…


We’re here for you!


At Duck & Turtle, our goal is your COMPLETE peace of mind.

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Tips For Your Pet Emergency Response Plan In Case Of Disaster

With the mega typhoon that wrecked Southeast Asia earlier this month and all the devastating tornadoes hitting the US Midwest last week, I got to thinking about what our emergency response plan for our pets would be if disaster ever struck us. What would we need to do to ensure not only our own safety but also our pets’? As we know, being prepared in advance is the BEST way to increase your, your family’s, and your pets’ chances of survival and decrease the likelihood of any of you getting separated or lost. So, I’d like to share some tips to help you and all of us who love our pets just as we love any member of our family be prepared and have a pet emergency response plan in advance in case of mishap or disaster.

1. Make them easily identifiable!

Your cats or dogs should always sport visible tags with name and up-to-date contact information. Take this a step further and consider listing an alternative contact on their tags, in case you are unreachable. Your best bet at being reunited with a lost pet is to have them microchipped and make sure the microchip is programmed with your up-to-date contact information. To round out this part of your pet emergency response plan, get a pet alert sticker for a prominent window of your home so that first responders know there is a pet inside that needs to be rescued. If you leave your home with your animals in tow, remember to remove the sticker so that first responders don’t use precious time searching for a pet that isn’t there.

2. Assemble a disaster kit!

Make sure all human members of the family know what they are supposed to take with them in case of an evacuation, such as non-perishables, water, clothing, first aid, medications, important records, etc. Your pets’ kit is also an important part of your

emergency response plan

and should include food and water for each pet for at least five days, all medications and supplements, pet first aid, extra cat litter, trash bags, sturdy carriers, leashes, important pet records, disinfectant or household bleach, paper towels, and toys and treats (to ease stress).

3. Know Where You’ll Go

Know that what’s best for you is typically best for your pets. So, if you evacuate, take your pets with you! Because many places, including Red Cross shelters, don’t allow pets during a disaster, check in advance for accommodations in your area that allow pets during emergency situations. Check with hotels/motels, animal shelters, boarding kennels, and veterinary clinics, and keep a list of a few to which you know you could go. To complete your pet emergency response plan, develop a buddy system with a handful of your friends, neighbors, and relatives to ensure that there will be someone available to care for your pets if you’re unable to or in the event you won’t be able to return to your home for an extended period of time.

emergency response plan

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We hope this helps you better incorporate your pets’ needs into your household’s overall

emergency response plan.


~ Duck & Turtle


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At Duck & Turtle Pet and Home Care…

• We offer care to dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other exotics/pocket pets in addition to looking after your home while you are away.

• We ask that you contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your planned departure to allow us to accommodate you. All pet sitting/home sitting services are subject to availability. (Note: Although we ask for at least 2 weeks advance notice, we are often booked several months in advance. Therefore, the earlier, the better. 🙂 )

• Cancellations submitted within 24 hours of first day of service are subject to a $20.00 cancellation fee.

• Extensions on dates of service requested during service period (in other words, requests to extend service while service is already in progress) are subject to availability and will incur the following charges in addition to base charges:

$5.00 (+ tax) per additional visit for Day Visits

$10.00 (+ tax) per additional night for Overnight Care

• Households requiring care for more than 5 pets will incur additional charges.

• Dates of service which fall on the following holidays will incur additional charges: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

• Our services are provided within a designated area of Albuquerque. Please visit  to view a map of our service area.

• Outside of our service area? Not sure? Please call (505) 410-7954 or email to check availability. Thank you! 🙂


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