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Celebrating And Appreciating Our Clients: Georgia’s Birthday Party

This month in honor of the 20th annual Professional Pet Sitters Week, we invested in our pet sitting education and business development by joining elite professional group Pet Sitters International. For the occasion, we also wanted to do something in honor of our clients…for without our awesome clients, we could not be Professional Pet Sitters and do the work we LOVE!


Little did we know this occasion would coincide with the 11th birthday of one of our best four-legged clients, Georgia. So this time last week, to celebrate and appreciate Georgia and her owners for being great and loyal clients of ours, we arranged a playdate/birthday party for Georgia in our backyard! She invited her sister Madison, her Mommies of course, Daniel, me, and her new friends Kourry, Ruca, Sango, and Matilda Squeeks, all of whom she just met that day at her party! Hahaha 😀


Here’s the wonderfully chaotic, happy hubbub of the doggies first meeting each other.  🙂



professional pet sitters albuquerque


They were very friendly with each other and all seemed happy to make each others’ acquaintance.


It was a gorgeous day for celebrating new friends, running amuck in the backyard, and enjoying the fresh air! The skies were clear as far as the eyes could see, and the sunshine soaked our skin like butter melting into bread!

professional pet sitters albuquerque


The dogs would take breaks between playing and wrestling with each other to come jump in our laps, give kisses, and wag (read: brag) about how much fun they were having with their new friends.



professional pet sitters albuquerque


As we humans enjoyed sitting in the sun on the patio, the pooches enjoyed lying with the cool grass under their bellies, either with the sun warming their backs or in the shade.


We had a really good time chatting it up, mostly about the dogs — their health, their behaviors, their individual personalities, how they like to play, how they get along, etc. — and we were thoroughly entertained watching the animals play and interact.


Madison was not nearly as interested in the other dogs as she was in our cat Matilda Squeeks, who attended the backyard birthday party from up in her tree. The two had a serious staring contest for quite a while!



professional pet sitters albuquerque


Although we had no doggy piñata, we definitely had doggy cake. Literally. Had it. Some of us tasted it to see if it was truly doggy cake. And doggy cake it definitely was. Personally, I was hoping it was good for dogs and their owners so that we could have some. But no. Trust me. It’s for dogs.


professional pet sitters albuquerque


professional pet sitters albuquerque


professional pet sitters albuquerque


It was some type of peanut butter cake, and the pooches LOVED it!!! They inhaled it in a matter of seconds! And they were all very well behaved while having their cake, I might add. Good job, doggies! And kudos to Three Dog Bakery here in Albuquerque for crafting an apparently delicious doggy birthday cake!

professional pet sitters albuquerque


Our birthday gift to birthday girl Georgia was a plush toy in the shape of a blue Peeps™ bunny and some yummy banana/yogurt dog biscuits. Happy 11th, Georgia! Thank you for letting us celebrate with you, and thank you to you and your brothers/sisters for allowing us to be your caregivers when your mommies are away! 🙂

professional pet sitters albuquerque


To our clients and non-clients, our friends, family, and online community, THANK YOU all for keeping up with us (psst…subscribe to our blog over to the right →) and thank you for helping us celebrate, foremost, our clients, as well as the 20th annual Professional Pet Sitters Week!


For more information and to set up a meet-n-greet, give us a call at (505) 410-7954 or drop us an email at


Have a WINNING week!


~ Duck & Turtle


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professional pet sitters albuquerque

Happy Professional Pet Sitters Week! ‘Duck & Turtle’ Joins Pet Sitters International

Each year Professional Pet Sitters Week is celebrated the first full week in March. The occasion serves to highlight the importance and benefits of in-home pet care as well as appreciate those professionals who take care of our feathered, furry, and scaled friends while their owners are away. This year Professional Pet Sitters Week will be celebrated March 2-8, 2014, and we here at Duck & Turtle Pet and Home Care have just joined the ranks of Pet Sitters International (PSI) to mark the occasion!

Pet Sitters International is an elite group of pet-care professionals dedicated to excellence in pet sitting. As part of our PSI membership, we agree to abide by PSI’s Recommended Quality Standards for Excellence in Pet Sitting and PSI’s Member Code of Conduct and Ethics. This is in addition to the oath co-owner Daniel Keularts takes every year as a Registered Veterinary Technician in the state of New Mexico.  Also through their PSI membership, co-owner Jarrett Nicholson has begun in-depth educational coursework tailored exclusively for pet sitters with the goal of soon earning his Professional Pet Sitter Certification.

professional pet sitters week

The American Pet Products Association estimates that 2012 spending on U.S. pets will reach $52.87 billion, an estimated $4.11 billion of which will have gone toward pet services such as pet sitting and dog walking. With figures like these, we know that folks expect top-notch professionalism and care for their pets while they are away. This is precisely why Duck & Turtle Pet and Home Care has stepped up our business and professional development by joining Pet Sitters International.

And it’s not just about the dogs and the cats anymore! A 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey revealed that there are 16.2 million birds, 16 million small exotics, 13 million reptiles, and 151 million freshwater fish owned in the U.S.  With Keularts’s background in Veterinary Technology and the well-rounded pet care curriculum Nicholson is undergoing, both are thrilled to step up and be of service in these niches.

At Duck & Turtle we believe that pet sitting is the best choice for at-home pet care as it allows your pets to stay in their own familiar environment and stick close to their daily routine, which minimizes stress and anxiety.  Says Keularts, “A true professional pet sitter will not only be punctual, friendly, and attentive toward the animals’ needs but will also be vigilant and  observant — making sure instructions are carried out exactly as the owner has directed, making sure the home and property remain in good repair, and making sure the social and health needs of each animal are fully met. You can read more about the full duties of a professional pet sitter on our blog!”

As we celebrate Professional Pet Sitters Week, you may want to think of any trips or vacations you have coming up — spring break, graduations, weddings, family reunions, business trips — and contact Duck & Turtle Pet and Home Care early on to ensure  your home and pets are left in the best possible care! You may reach us by phone at (505) 410-7954 or email us at!

Thank you for reading, and HAPPY PROFESSIONAL PET SITTERS WEEK!!! 😀

~Duck & Turtle