The Puppy Mill Project’s Spoof of A Netflix Favorite Drives Attention to Important Cause

What do you get when you mix doggies with our favorite Netflix binge show? ..Our undivided attention!

Today is National Puppy Mill Awareness Day, an initiative started by The Puppy Mill Project to educate people on the tragic reality of puppy mills and to urge the public to help in abolishing the cruel practice.

To do our part in spreading awareness of the inhumane but still legal practice of puppy mills, we’re sharing this⬇ clever, cute and eye-opening video created by The Puppy Mill Project and Findster. The clip is a parody of the opening of a popular Netflix show (and one of our personal faves!) — Orange Is The New Black. We appreciate the smart choice here to use a current and well-liked pop culture staple as a way to reach a wider audience, grab their attention, and pull it in toward this important cause. Though the video opens with some light canine comedy (who could resist?), it is the message at the end that takes center stage.

Watch the video below and read more from The Puppy Mill Project here. Then, do your part to spread the message by using the hashtags




on social media!

Peace and Love,

Duck & Turtle 🐥🐢


Happy International Cat Day!

It’s a little late, but I couldn’t let the day end without celebrating in some small way all the felines of the world… What would our earth be without all of you?? …Boring and a lot less cute, that’s what! 😀

So, here’s sending a special “MEOWT OUT” to ALL cats the world over! Lots of love to each and every one!




Duck & Turtle 🐥🐢