The Puppy Mill Project’s Spoof of A Netflix Favorite Drives Attention to Important Cause

What do you get when you mix doggies with our favorite Netflix binge show? ..Our undivided attention!

Today is National Puppy Mill Awareness Day, an initiative started by The Puppy Mill Project to educate people on the tragic reality of puppy mills and to urge the public to help in abolishing the cruel practice.

To do our part in spreading awareness of the inhumane but still legal practice of puppy mills, we’re sharing this⬇ clever, cute and eye-opening video created by The Puppy Mill Project and Findster. The clip is a parody of the opening of a popular Netflix show (and one of our personal faves!) — Orange Is The New Black. We appreciate the smart choice here to use a current and well-liked pop culture staple as a way to reach a wider audience, grab their attention, and pull it in toward this important cause. Though the video opens with some light canine comedy (who could resist?), it is the message at the end that takes center stage.

Watch the video below and read more from The Puppy Mill Project here. Then, do your part to spread the message by using the hashtags




on social media!

Peace and Love,

Duck & Turtle 🐥🐢


Having a Pet Memorial Service for Your Beloved Baby and Other Ways to Honor Pets Who Have Passed

Many of us have dealt with the loss of a beloved animal companion at some point in our lives, and perhaps — not surprisingly — have had or wanted to have a pet memorial service for your departed friend because that’s simply how much they mean to us. I (JN) have experienced the loss of two beloved pets in my life: our little Olivia (pictured below)

new 008.jpg

— our green-eyed female feline princess with attitude(!) — who, when we moved from an apartment to a house, ventured out the new doggy door to explore a neighborhood she wasn’t familiar with, and sadly, never made it back. Although we believe sweet Olivia to be still alive and bringing joy to a new family (and will always hold out a tiny bit of hope for her safe return), the loss, her absence, is equally as profound and heartbreaking as the death of my dear dog Rusty. Rusty, for whom I unfortunately never had a proper pet memorial service. Rusty, my chocolate Lab who uniquely holds the title of “My Last Childhood Dog/Brother.”😊❤ I did A LOT of growing up with him, and he saw me through a lot! Rusty fell ill and passed away while I was in college, so I never had the chance to say my goodbyes or give him the send-off I would’ve wanted to give him.

With today being National Pet Memorial Day, this got me thinking… how would I honor my beloved, departed pets? Would I make it an event and hold a formal pet memorial service for them? With my Rusty’s death being so long ago and with our unyielding small sliver of hope that Olivia might one day return, I probably would not, myself, do a formal pet memorial service. The beauty of honoring your pets, though, is that there is no right or wrong way to do so, no manner too understated or overstated. Here are some ideas that came to mind:

1. Pet parents can honor their babies who’ve passed with a beautiful, traditional pet memorial service. Start by sending out memorial announcements to all who knew and loved the deceased pet, everyone whose lives the pet touched — animals included. Choose a nice, relaxed, and quiet setting such as a private home or backyard, a secluded park, or an open courtyard on a campus such as a church or university. This can be a large or small gathering of family and friends. The pet memorial service can include remembrance speeches, poetry tributes, and light refreshments for after the service. It is likely a somber and respectful occasion out of sensitivity for the grieving. Yet, it can still remain lighthearted and even entertaining with reminiscing on and anecdotes about the pet.

2. Pet parents can organize a less formal event such as a play date with all the deceased pet’s siblings, cousins, and friends! Choose a spacious and safe location such as the pet’s favorite park or a private backyard. Get festive with decorations, include special treats like pastries from a dog bakery, have plenty of dog toys and even a wading pool if it’s warm out. Entertain your human guests with human food — have a barbecue or a potluck or a barbecue potluck! 😁 Display large photos, a collage, or a slideshow of the pet you’re honoring. Make a memorial keepsake banner in his/her name and have all your guests sign it with their handprint or paw print. ❤ Although a traditional pet memorial service can be just as much a celebration of your pet’s life, this type of send-off for your deceased pet emphasizes the celebration part! Yet, it is still equally as meaningful and loving as a traditional service. If it sounds like the kind of afternoon your pet would’ve loved and that reflects his/her spirit, then that is what counts!

3. A pet memorial service can certainly involve just you and your pet, or the token you’ve kept that represents your pet’s physical body. It can include just the immediate family — you, your spouse, your kids, the deceased pet and surviving pets. It can be as simple as a moment of silence, reflection, and saying goodbyes either separately or with everyone present. Take a long walk on a trail or at a park that your pet loved; reflect on your time together. Write down your reflections and keep it with mementos of your pet to read back upon later.

4. I mentioned above a memento, or a token you keep that represents your pet’s physical body. This can be an urn containing your beloved pet’s ashes, a shadow box memorial, a clay paw print, or a piece of jewelry with the pet’s paw print and name that you can wear everywhere. Rather than a pet memorial service, the memento itself can be the way you honor your pet, and it is beautiful! Again, there is no right or wrong way to bless up your departed companion, no manner too understated or overstated.

5. Finally… Create something! It’s cathartic! ..Write a poem about your beloved pet, for your beloved pet. Make a collage that celebrates their uniqueness as well as your time together! Or do both like I did for a great friend of mine, Professor! (see below).

For Professor 1.jpg

Paint a masterpiece inspired by them! Create an ofrenda (or offering) for them, a semi-permanent art installation, perhaps in your backyard. Incorporate their toys, beds, their house or crate, their gear, flowers, etc. Alternatively, make a temporary ofrenda to display during one of my favorite and most meaningful occasions, Día de Los Muertos. If you’ve never celebrated the ancient occasion and maybe you’ve had a loved one (pet or human) pass away recently, consider partaking this year (Oct 31 – Nov 2). It can be helpful in the grieving process and can help you stay feeling connected to departed loved ones. You may even decide to hold your pet memorial service during Día de Los Muertos, tapping into the sacred meaning and festive energy of the moment.

These have been my thoughts on how to give a pet memorial service and otherwise honor your best friend, and that is all for now, folks.

In closing, here’s to ALL the pets who have touched our lives over the years who have passed on or are otherwise no longer with us — thank you for spending the precious years of your life with us. We miss you. You will always be loved and never forgotten.❤ #NationalPetMemorialDay


Duck & Turtle 🐥🐢

Happy International Cat Day!

It’s a little late, but I couldn’t let the day end without celebrating in some small way all the felines of the world… What would our earth be without all of you?? …Boring and a lot less cute, that’s what! 😀

So, here’s sending a special “MEOWT OUT” to ALL cats the world over! Lots of love to each and every one!




Duck & Turtle 🐥🐢

A Happy Fourth to You and Your Kiddos! 

Hi there, our animal and human friends! 

Happy Independence Day to all!!!

As you celebrate with family and friends and fireworks and food, may you have a safe and fun holiday while making sure your pets have a safe and enjoyable one, too. 😀

Happy birthday, the good ol’ US of A! ⭐🔵⭐🔴⭐🔵⭐🔵⭐🔴⭐

Happy Valentine’s Day! …Spread Love!! ❤

We would like to wish all of our human friends, clients, and followers as well as ALL of our beloved furry, feathered, (bald), and finned friends a very Happy Valentine’s Day! 

There is love all around you — whether it’s love for your significant other, your human children, your animal children, your friends, your parents, your grandparents, your home, or (in the words of the late, great Whitney Houston) the GREATEST LOVE of all…love for self. See all the love around you, revel in it, and pay it forward.

Appreciate and take good care of ALL your loved ones whether old or young, near or far, furry, feathered, or bald!

Celebrate and spread love today and every day. For in the end: Love is all that matters. Love is all that will remain. Love is All. 💗 



The BIG TWO…. All Thanks To You!

Hi, folks!

I know it has been quite some time since we’ve blogged ..(understatement of the year!!). But we want you to know that we greatly appreciate your continued support and well-wishes. We thank you for keeping up with Duck & Turtle — for following our pages, for liking/commenting/sharing our posts, and for periodically stopping by our website (this website! 🙂 ) to see what’s new!

We apologize for the loooong gap in blog posts. We’ve been out and around doing what we love quite a lot this year — buzzing to and fro caring for the furry, feathered, and scaly friends who need us. 🙂 Needless to say business is healthy and progressing, and we are enjoying immensely both the entrepreneurial journey we are on and the important work we get to do to help people, their pets, and their homes.


Many of you may not know this, but Duck & Turtle turns THE BIG TWO today, October 1, 2015. That is why we could not let this day go by without acknowledging the reason we have experienced the success we have and the reason we’ve made it this far — YOU! Therefore, we’d like to extend our deep and sincere gratitude to ALL of you — our clients, our community partners, our fellow pet business owners, our word-of-mouth references, and all of our followers and supporters. Sincerely, THANK YOU!

It is because of you that we are able to do what we love while at the same time making a difference in the lives of people and pets. It is because of you that we have learned so much and gained a deeper knowledge of people, pets, home ownership, small business ownership, and all the various aspects that accompany all four. It is because of you that we are getting to experience such growth, success, and progress. It is because of you that Duck & Turtle has made it to its 2nd “birthday.” It is because of you that we call ourselves blessed. 😀

Clients, thank you for calling on us and entrusting us to give the BEST care to your home and pets when you cannot. Clients (and pets) whom we have had to turn down at times, thank you for your understanding and for keeping us at the top of your list as your #1 choice for pet and home care. Community partners, thank you for your willingness and desire to include us in your events and publications whenever possible. Fellow pet business owners, thank you for allowing us space on your countertops and bulletin boards to display our business cards and flyers and for, thereby, affording us greater visibility as a business. To our word-of-mouth references, thank you for the glowing testimonials you give to your friends and relatives about us and for continuously sending folks our way — you are the lifeblood of our business! And last but not least, to all our followers and supporters, thank you for checking in on us from time to time, for ‘Liking’ our pages, commenting on our posts, and for sharing Duck & Turtle content across the interwebs whenever you can. ALL OF YOU ARE BEYOND GREAT!!!!

This may not be a long post, but it is most definitely from the heart. ♥


We will close with this because it simply cannot be said enough…

…with the utmost humility, respect, and gratitude… a resounding THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to wish Duck & Turtle a happy birthday, either in the comments below or on Facebook or Google+

CHEERS to ALL of you!

~ Duck & Turtle


Don’t Go It Alone: Seeking Help And Healing After Pet Loss

Pets are family, and just like losing a relative, the experience of pet loss is sad, profound and difficult. Because most companion animals have relatively short life spans, enduring the death of a pet is an inevitable part of pet ownership.


Pet loss doesn’t always mean losing a pet to death, either. Mistakes happen, and pet loss can mean one of our babies inadvertently getting out, running off, or getting lost. And when neighborhood canvassing, posting flyers, and calling local shelters doesn’t turn them up, we must eventually work through the loss.

However, without the appropriate knowledge and resources, working through pet loss and properly processing our thoughts and emotions surrounding the event can elude us.

That is why I’ve enlisted the help of my friend, Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselor, Ann Beyke (pictured below). Thank you to Ann for answering some questions for us (her responses are in blue).



What is the best way a friend or relative can help another in the immediate aftermath of losing a pet?

Be present for them. Ask them what they need or want and check in on them. After the loss of an animal companion we may tend to isolate ourselves. Don’t stop asking a person who is mourning the loss of an animal companion if they want to go for a hike, to the movies or have a cup of coffee. Your presence, with or without words, may be of incredible comfort.

My pet has been missing for some time, and I don’t think he/she is coming back. I can’t say for certain whether he/she is still alive, but I miss him/her nonetheless; is grieving and honoring their life appropriate in this situation?

Regardless of the circumstances of our loss, honoring our pet and grieving their departure from our lives can be a part of the healing process.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Being asked to share the journey with a person who has lost a cherished animal companion. Because I have had numerous losses myself, I understand the intense pain of losing a pet. To be there for others who are grieving is such a honor.

What’s your advice on the best way to work through pet loss?

Be gentle on yourself. Surround yourself with people who understand what it’s like to lose a best pal. Give yourself time and cry as much as you need to. Celebrate the incredible joy your pet brought you and let yourself laugh at the crazy things they did. Know that you will heal.

I’m afraid no one will understand my grief or, even worse, that I’ll be ridiculed; how can I bring up the subject of losing my pet and still feel safe and respected?

Sadly, not everyone understands what our pets mean to us and how their loss affects us. We know what’s best in terms of discussing it with people. In fact, in our social and work life, we may gravitate to those who have pets and they often provide needed support. Something as simple as, “I’ve had a recent loss,” may be all we want to say to others.


Again, thank you, Ann, for letting us pick your brain!

Be sure to visit Ann Beyke’s website at , and make sure to bookmark it so you’ll always have Ann as a resource (for yourself or for someone you love who may be dealing with pet loss).

Thanks for reading, everyone! ….Have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

~Duck & Turtle

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